Hourly Consultancy-Clients

Under our Hourly service we are available to homeowners and designers on a short term, once-off basis as a resource to assist your decisions about your present home or one you are thinking of buying. We can help evaluate the house's potential for improvements be they architectural, spatial, functional or in terms of energy and sustainability performance.

You can engage us to do as much or as little work as you wish on flexible terms.

Typical tasks tend to include;

  • Accompany you to view a property prior to puchase and give an intial impression of its strengths and weaknesses architecturally and environmentally (insulation, passive solar, systems etc).
  • Provide a written summary of the above, or /and accompany with sketches that indicate possible improvements both design wise (room layouts, connection to garden / view  etc.) and technical (e.g. insulation) for your consideration
  • Produce sketches of design improvements or of detail improvements
  • Produce 3d computer visualisations of potential design improvements to help you sell a house

The service costs €150 for the first consultation (approximately 90 minutes) and €90/hour thereafte -plus VAT

NB The above services are not equivalent to the outputs of the early design stages where we have been retained to provide full design services and where we can thus be much more thorough and holistic. Services while being clinet and site specific (where required and where sufficient detail is provided) are otherwise of a  general and qualitive, as opposed to technical nature, and not equivalent in any manner to full design servies in particular around advise on regulations, certification etc.