Not For Profit and Charity Group Clients

Solearth offers a unique expertise to assist charity organisations in creating buildings that suit their individual needs.

We know how difficult it is to move from vision to realisation of a building and how many unknowns and obstacles there seem to be. We know you are not and don’t wish to become experts in building procurement, but simply want a great building in which to provide your unique service. As well as designing the building, we offer a way through the many condundrums associated with finding a site, meeting planners, writing a brief or vision statement, figuring out budgets, fundraising and grant applications, and we can advise and assist.

Over the years we've worked with religious, educational,  environmental and other groups and created very special places in which they teach, learn, care, host and educate their audience or members.

We often work with our clients long before the actual design process begins, selecting and evaluating sites, writing briefs, setting budgets and even designing fundraising strategies. We provide gentle, understandable advice and protect your interests throughout the design and construction process.  We will remain at hand while you get to know your new building and learn how to use it to its optimum.

Every project is unique, so get in touch.