Quantified Accurate Impact Analysis; Sun, Light, Shadow. Ireland

Solearth under principal Brian T O Brien now offer a comprehensive solar, shadow and daylight impact evaluation service for medium and large scale developments.

Brian is uniquely qualified to provide this service based on his 20+ years of experience designing buildings, lecturing on sustainable architecture and carrying out research on European funded projects. Brians grounding in solar geometry, seeded during his Masters in Berkeley and his experience working at UCDs Energy Research Group has equipped him with a deep understanding of the interrelationships of building, sky, sun and light both in terms of improved experience for users and  in the context of standards, norms and legislation pertaining in Ireland and the UK. 

Solearth can provide not just before and after 3d models with momentary shadow imagery but fully interpreted sunpath diagrams underpinned by expert assessment of the before and after experience of user and  neighbour and the impact on the context and environment.

We can both quantify the monthly, daily and hourly % change in solar or daylight access and examine a particular proposed developments affect on the amenity and useability of room, garden, or activity.

We can set out all of this out within the framework of the accepted BRE and EN standards  (using before and after scenarios) under the headings of;

  • room dimensions, view of the sky, illumination levels etc
  • sunlight (solar access / overshadowing)
  • daylight (skylight, and ERC)
  • interior daylight factors and illumination levels
  • window/ opening design simulations and comparisons
  • annual probable sunlight hours (view of the sun)
  • daily, seasonal and hourly impacts in detail
  • assessment as to the impacts on amenity and usability where affected
  • improvements and enhancements

Our analysis is highly objective and rigorous and we provide detailed evaluation reports and recommendations structured to suit planning decision, applications or appeals etc..

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