Airfield Trust Masterplan

Eco Reorganisation of 16Ha Farm & Nature Centre

More recently known as Airfield Evolution, this project focused on resolving a number of conflicts and problems that had arisen in a gradual way over the years and now prevented Airfield offering the quality experience worthy of their founders and patrons. Solearth led a team of ecologists, designers, engineers and business consultants to evaluate current physical, ecological, and business operations and to develop a site-specific, delightful and ecologically fecund vision for the estate’s future.

The mission was to re-organise current cultural and amenity facilities on the site, enhancing and improving them, provide extensive areas of new habitats (tuned to the national educational syllabus), and sustainable cultural and recreational buildings as needed, increase the sensoriality, delight and ecological diversity of the estate – and ensure that Airfield thrives in the future as a resource for coming generations.

Issues addressed included: overcoming seasonality / weather dependence and site inaccessability for visitors; uses being incompatible with a protected historic building; pressure from increased footfall, inappropriate entrance and parking arrangements and; a desire to radically improve sustainability performance across all operations.



Contract Value:
2004-5 and 2007-8
Dundrum, Dublin 14