Modular Prefabricated Eco Homes


EcoPLUS+ is more than a house; it’s a system for living sustainably and an environment for staying healthy, positive and refreshed. It can adapt to different site shapes and conditions and can be modified to form a terrace for urban environments.

Designed by Solearth Ecological Architecture, it integrates as standard the design approaches, features and equipment required to live a healthy low impact lifestyle while contributing to the planet, using minimal fuel and creating zero CO2 emissions. As importantly, it is full of light, encourages seasonal variation in how one relates to outside and is constructed of natural materials making it a delight to occupy.

Eco features (effectively quality of life/ future proofing assets) are:

  • Super walls – insulated to give a U value of 0.1WsqmK  made of hempcrete walls (around a timber frame) or timber frame with thermohemp and other natural insulations.
  • The building envelope is airtight but ventilation is designed to be natural and continuous using a passive heat recovery ventilation system
  • Radiant Centre – a radiant ‘massive’ heat source situated to give constant (renewable) heat from the houses centre with back boiler for hot water
  • Passive Heat Recovery Ventilation (PHRV). The system combines both bespoke and proprietary technologies to preheat the incoming air using  lost heat from the buildlngs windows.without reliance on pumps, or fans.
  • Rainwater collection from the roof with storage and reuse in WCs, clothes washers and gardens.
  • Productive Roof: the form of the roof integrates enough photovoltaic and solar thermal panels to power the whole house and potentially sell back to the grid.
  • Dry Toilets- Mixing nutrient rich waste and clean water ruins both precious substances, ecoPLUS + offers a comfortable sanitary bathroom with modern dry toilets. More conventional WCs can alo be offered.
  • Energy ratings ranging from A2 Passive to A3 with natural materials and zero Co2 emissions in both cases

EcoPlus + is available in 3 versions; a starter expandable 1 bed (shown), a 3 bed semi detached home and a terraced (Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6) 3 bedroom home.

Planning permission must obviously be secured also.