Ballybay Wetland Centre

Centre for Environmental Education, Co Monaghan

The Wetland Environment Centre is the core building within the Nature Station masterplan designed by Solearth for the 65-acre farm and wetland area at Ballybay, Co Monaghan.

It provides a new cafe, seminar room and support facilities for the experiencing and studying of wetlands and migratory birds in this sensitive landscape. Conceived as a box within a box, the inner form provides the geometry for the entrance to the building along the willow walk and also the steps to the viewing platform aligned towards the south.

The section of the building is derived from natural daylighting and natural ventilation strategies and offers the chance to have unobtrusive, integrated solar technologies. The envelope is constructed from low embodied energy, prefabricated timber frames with high levels of natural insulation and healthy finishes.

The building utilises solar thermal and geo-thermal heating systems.


Contract Value:
€ 1.4 million
Ballybay, Co. Monaghan