Grow HQ

Headquarters of Grow It Yourself International

GIY Ireland, a charity that promotes all things related to food and cultivation, is developing a new 450sqm exemplar building and 0.9 hectare urban food garden in Waterford.

It will be a home-grown and local food training centre, urban food growing showcase, cookery school, café, farm shop and gardens. GROW HQ will be the home of the GIY movement internationally, and the hub from which they will run awareness, education and outreach programmes. The urban location makes this a thoroughly unique project.

The two principal internal activities are hosted in contrasting forms: the Cafe is directly related to the walled garden orientated towards the south creating a large sunlight space with its dramatic monopitch roof providing the main visual expression of Grow HQ. The monopitch allows a first floor office space for the staff and a presentation window to the Outer Ring Road. The course rooms are orientated to the working gardens and sit symbolically under a wild flower grassed roof, across the central circulation space from the cafe. The shop sits at the centre of this circulation foyer and has movable displays that can migrate out and into the café depending on demand and function.

A host of low impact sustainable and ecological features are included in the design.



Contract Value:
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Waterford, Ireland