Hoi An Community House

Community House, Vietnam

In 2013 Solearth provided sustainabilty and design assistance to local practice 1+2>3 Architects in delivering a public community building in the Vietnamese town of Hoi An via the charity Action for the City.

Solearths role was to bring our expertise to 1+2>3 to achieve a design that celebrates and functions using natural ventilation, saves water and uses local materials intelligently. All of these are challenges that recur throughout southeast asia and the developing world and solutions developed here were drawn from Brian O’ Briens pre Solearth experience workng with FUNDASAL in El Salvador.

We also provided advice and design for self sustaining landscapes (permaculture) and water saving solutions to hygiene and toilets loads (advanced dry toilets and constructed wetlands).

On foot of that collaboration 1+2>3 have realised a wonderful building that is dramtic, functional and rooted in the social and ecological environment in which it is set. We offer them our congratulations.



Contract Value:
Hoi An, Vietnam