Solas Bhride

Spirituality Centre And Hermitages

Solas Bhride is an education and retreat centre dedicated to the teachings and memory of St.Brigid, Ireland’s only female saint.  It comprises exhibition and hospitality areas, teaching and workshop spaces, hermitages for pilgrims and some residential facilities – delightful and reflective places for immersion in the life and teachings of Saint Brigid.

The design emanates from a St.Brigid’s cross shape, oriented to link views from St.Brigid’s cathedral in Kildare town to the nearby Brigid’s well.  The arms of the cross cradle two circular rooms which are themselves both symbolic and functional. Nature and landscape are brought deep into the building plan in recognition of the benefits of close contact with ecology and nature (biophilia). The project includes energy efficient design approaches and places a high priority on the creation of a healthful and restful environment for its users and visitors.

The landscape, comprised of artistic features and contemplative gardens, using native species wildflower meadows and Irish woodland planting, will add an additional layer of delight to the user experience.

Solas Bhride has achieved an A rating for energy, quite a success given the dispersed nature of the design, which is laid out ot maximise connections to views, sun and the various garderns and outdoor spaces. It is made of natural materials and employs natural ventilation and daylighting in its servicing.


Contract Value:
€ 3 million
2015 Best Green Construction project in 21015 Green Awards
2014 Best Sustainable Initiative (Manley Construction)- Irish Construction Awards 2014
2014 Fit Out Sustainability Achievement (Manley Construction) Fit Out Awards